Advice for Pet Owners

pet owners

The Event Services Association, organisers of the British Firework Championships have issued the following guidelines for pet owners.

Fireworks can cause distress to animals and we recommend that pet owners living near to event venues take the following precautions:



If you have a dog or cat that is particularly prone to becoming distressed, seek the advice of your vet.

Small animals

Small animals - such as rabbits and guinea pigs - living outside should not be forgotten. They can also become very stressed from loud noise.

Bring small animals indoors or into an outhouse or garden shed to give them extra protection.


Horses often bolt from firework noise and become injured. Always make sure horses, ponies and donkeys are stabled while fireworks are being let off. Make sure fireworks are not in view by closing the stable door.

Playing music during the displays can also help to calm horses and reduce the effects of sudden noise.